Beauty Benefits of Silk

Silk is similar to human skin cells, a natural protein that includes fibrolin and sericin (found in our body) which good for supporting the hydration to maintain our skin's natural moisture level.
Silk is soft like our skin. It allows our skin glides across gently which helps to prevent sleep creases and facial wrinkles.
Silk is naturally cooling, a temperature regulator ensuring that a comfortable temperature of our body is maintained during our sleep.
Silk is hypoallergenic. Great for allergy sufferers.
Silk is delicate. It reduces hair friction and keep our hair smooth and tame which helps to prevent split ends, hair breakage, frizzy hair and even hair loss.
Lastly, there is really nothing better than crawling into bed at the end of a long day. Let's make our bed feel a little extra with luxurious silk which will instantly makes us feel pampered and special.