How We Pack

Every year there is about 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans. Roughly one-third of trash in the world today is made up of packaging waste, and even with ongoing recycling efforts, 36 million tons of packaging waste end up in landfills. 

As we are promoting social responsibility with sustainable packaging to reduce waste, we ship our products completely plastic free. Our Lavender Eye Masks, Rose Quartz Silk Eye Masks and Silk Pillowcases are packed in a beautiful gift box. To raise awareness of the problem that packaging waste poses, we encourage our customers to reuse & repurpose it whenever you can or we are gladly to remove it before we ship the item to you. If you wish to, please stated the message of “No Gift Box!” on the check out page.

Some ideas of how you can reuse & repurpose your gift box:

  • Place your Eye Masks in the gift box to keep it clean and crisp when not in use.
  • In the office – loose stamps, paper clips, push pins, business cards and gift cards.
  • In the bathroom – hair ties, hair clips, floss wards, Q-tips and contact lenses.
  • In the sewing room – stray buttons, safety pins and loose needles.
  • In the kids room – arts & crafts, pencils, crayon pencils and small stationary items.